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Principal photography on Salt wrapped in June 2009, and as the visual-effects team finalized shots, they referenced Elswit’s dailies, which had been timed by Nolan Murdock at Deluxe’s New York facility. Elswit supervised the film’s final digital grade at Sony Colorworks, where he worked with colorist Steve Bowen. After again passing most of the credit for the film’s look to his collaborators, Elswit sums up his DI work in an equally humble fashion: “There are many cinematographers who do wonderfully creative work in the DI, but I spend most of my time fixing things I screwed up in principal photography.”



4-perf Super 35mm

Panaflex Millenium XL; Arri 435ES, 235

Panavision lenses

Kodak Vision3 500T 5219, Vision2 200T 5217

Digital Intermediate

Printed on Kodak Vision 2383

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