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A Conversation With Focus: Wally Pfister, ASC and Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS at HD EXPO

The Dark Knight and Memoirs of a Geisha DPs Meet in Keynote Conversation About Storytelling and Cinematography

February 27, 2009
On March 5th at HD EXPO at the Universal Hilton, three-time Oscar nominee Wally Pfister and Oscar winner Dion Beebe are set to take part in a Keynote Conversation with Variety's Peter Caranicas.  The Conversation will address the artistic process and the implications of the latest technologies and tools from the perspective of these world-class DP's.

Pfister, whose Dark Knight was widely recognized as a singularly artistic and muscular achievement in cinematography and story telling, has an impressive resume that includes Memento, The Italian Job, The Prestige and Batman Begins. He was also Oscar nominated for Batman Begins and The Prestige. Pfister continues his long collaboration with director Christopher Nolan with the upcoming Inception. He is an active director and DP for commercials.

Australian Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS won the Academy Award for Best Achievement in Cinematography in 2006 for the richly photographed Memoirs of a Geisha. Beebe works again with Chicago and Memoirs of a Geisha collaborator Rob Marshall on Nine, the highly anticipated musical starring Sophia Loren and Daniel Day Lewis. He is set to begin work with director Michael Mann, on Frankie Machine. The two worked on Collateral and Miami Vice together.

Peter Caranicas will lead the discussion with the powerhouse cinematographers; he's well qualified for the challenge as a respected editor and journalist. Currently Managing Editor of Features for Variety, he is a well-known journalist covering the entertainment industry, including technology, business and crafts.

The Keynote Conversation, sponsored by Kodak, set for 2:30p on March 5th, takes place at HD EXPO. The Conversation is the centerpiece of a full day of conference offerings, educational intensives and exhibitions. Other panels and presentations include Creativity, Cash & Tools: The Making of an Indie Film with panelists; Dirk Blackman, Writer/Producer; Patrick Lussier, Director; Christopher Taylor, Director; Trina Wyatt, COO of Intrepid Pictures; and moderated by industry journalist Carolyn Giardina, and Extreme Red - Decking out the RED One for Outrageous Results: An Intensive Workshop with Rodney Charters, ASC (24 - 143 episodes); Stefan von Bjorn, SOC (Samantha Who?, Mad Men); and Cliff Hsui, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Technologies, Sim Video.

For further information about panels, education or exhibition at HD EXPO, visit, or call 818.842.6611.