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Executive Producer James Holt Launches

Live Interactive On Line

March 11, 2009

E-Planet Media and Rampage Entertainment will be airing a ground breaking live interactive event targeting the emerging filmmaker.  Rampage Entertainment is coordinating guests who are prominent Hollywood Producers and Financiers through the recently launched film biz website  On Friday, March 13, this inaugural live event will feature innovative production techniques implemented by E-Planet Media that allows participants to interact with guests like executive producer James Holt live from anywhere in the world for free. 

James Holt’s recent credits include the George Clooney Oscar nominated Michael Clayton and In The Valley of Elah  directed and co-written by Paul Haggis’(Academy Winner for Million Dollar Baby and writer of the Oscar winning film Crash). With more than 15 years experience financing films Mr. Holt is an expert at independent film finance. Through an interactive Q/A session, registered  viewers will be able to Chat via skype with Jim and his guests to learn the mechanics of film finance and why ‘creative financing’ is critical in even the highest profile productions. Using SKYPE, viewers will be able to hold live video conversation in addition to sending questions via a moderated chat window to be answered live on camera by Mr. Holt.

This initial free interactive event is being hosted by The website has been designed to facilitate knowledge sharing between rising semi-pro filmmakers and seasoned pro-filmmakers with experience working day-to-day financing, packaging and producing films. James Holt’s first 90 minute event and soon-to-follow series of live interactive pay-per-view events will leverage and Holt’s extensive list of Hollywood connections.