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ASC News Item

February 1, 2010

1. Purchase FoASC here:

OR Purchase Subscription here:

2. Check Out using Store Shopping Cart

3. Use this Gift Certificate: C30F3F0478B7C4FD

4. Receive "Keys" via email and on Order confirmation page
Either click on link in email or click on link on Order confirmation page

5. ASC New Subscriber page:
This page needs to be secure:

If the email address is already in use jump to new page:
"This email account has an account on the ASC Web Site. Would you like to login to the existing account or create a new account with a different email? With LOGIN and NEW

Use JQuery to display:
If New, jump to New User with email blank instead of autofilled and no "use store password button"

If Login, show email and password fields with login. Link to "Forgot Password". Go to NewUser page with email and password as read-only. Read other account settings from "My Account Settings"

The following form items are visible to the user:
•    Product Name: display only, no edit
•    Subscription Key: autofilled from Store
•    First Name (optional)
•    Last Name (optional)
•    Email Address: autofilled from Store
•    Confirm Email Address: autofilled from Store
•    Password: blank
•    Button: Use ASC Store Password

•    Remember me checkbox
•    ASC Mailings Opt-In checkbox
•    3rd Party Mailings Opt-In checkbox

Hidden Field: Product ID


Error Checking:
Subscription Key:
Check to see if valid
Message: "Your Subscription Key appears to be invalid. Please re-enter it and try again or contact The ASC for assistance"

Message: "Please enter a valid email address" (should be pretty loose restrictions)
Already in Use:
If "NewUser" then show (existing users should have already been screened out from previous screen): "This email address is already in use"

Confirm Email:
Must match previous email
Message "Your emails addresses do not match. Please re-enter and try again.

Must be at least six characters long

Product ID:
If product ID does not exist in ASC DB, then
"There is a problem with your order, please contact The ASC to activate your account"

On submission:
•    If new, Create New User Account with Subscription Key
•    If Existing User, Add Subscription Key to account (could be multiple keys)
•    If Existing User, Keep any existing Print Label Id
•    Activate/Extend Account Expiration for Six months
•    Add User to Mailing List DB with proper Opt-Ins
•    Give User proper permission level based on product id
•    Set Cookie (user level and permanent or session-based depending on user preferences)
•    Log User in and take them to properWelcome page Subscribers get one welcome page, Friends get another.
•    XML feed to NXTBook is pinged