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AC and ASC at NAB 2010

March 31, 2010

Taming the Wild, Wild West of Digital Filmmaking
Produced in association with the American Society of Cinematographers

Monday, April 12
Room N 234 (North Hall)

How do you go about selecting the right digital tools to translate the director's intent to the screen? What are the options for managing colorspace and how can you insure the cinematographer's vision is ultimately seen? What is the best way to design an effective and efficient digital pipeline all the way through post and what is the roll of testing? And, what are the most common and costly workflow sinkholes and how can you avoid them? Leading filmmakers examine how best to tame the Wild, Wild West of digital filmmaking, using real-world experiences.

Daryn Okada, ASC, Cinematographer
Bryan Hirota, VFX Supervisor, Prime Focus
Dave Cole, Supervising Digital Colorist, Laser Pacific
Mark Herman, Visual Effects Editor
Mike Inchalik, Executive Vice President, Lowry Digital

Moderated by
Jon D. Witmer, Associate Editor, American Cinematographer


ASC/PGA Camera Assessment Series: Illuminating Digital Cinema Cameras and Digital Cinematography
Produced in association with the Produsers Guild of America

Tuesday, April 13
Room N 234 (North Hall)

What are the key concepts and benchmarks for evaluating digital cinema cameras and how do the results compare to 35mm film? Can leading D-cinema camera models render highlight and lowlight detail in equal measure and do their file formats fit into popular postproduction pipelines? What are the questions you need to ask to evaluate options going forward?

Nick Abdo, Producer, Revelations Entertainment
Curtis Clark, ASC, Cinematographer, ASC Technology Committee Chair
Michael Goi, ASC, Cinematographer, ASC President
Michael Manheim, President, The Manheim Company
David Stump, ASC, Cinematographer, Visual Effects Supervisor

Moderated by
Lori McCreary, Producer, Invictus

Be sure to stop by the American Cinematographer booth (C3205) in the Central Hall.