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Birns & Sawyer Camera Auction

October 11, 2011

Birns & Sawyer, Hollywood’s longest operating Motion Picture Camera Rental facility will auction off its entire 16 and 35mm Film Camera inventory October 19th.  Motion Pictures are no longer being captured on film in sufficient numbers (according Birns & Sawyer Owner William Meurer) to warrant keeping any film cameras.

Known by filmmakers for over 50 years, Birns & Sawyer has been at the forefront of Motion Picture Camera Technology since 1954. Life Still Photographer Jack Birns founded the company in 1954 along with fellow War Veteran Cliff Sawyer. The company was instrumental in introducing the German-made Arriflex line of 16 and 35mm cameras that offered more mobility than US-made Mitchell cameras that had become cumbersome and outdated. As motion picture production expanded filmmaking into more and more practical locations, lighter designed Arriflex cameras gained in popularity on films like Easy Rider, Bullitt and many others that rented production cameras and lenses from Birns & Sawyer.

All of Birns & Sawyer’s late model film cameras can be viewed at

For more information, please contact
William Meurer
Owner/ Cinematographer
Birns & Sawyer, Inc.
5275 Craner Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91601