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The ASC Remembers Bob Lambert

September 24, 2012
With a sad heart, the American Society of Cinematographers notes the passing of an ASC Technology Committee member and great friend and ally in the industry, Bob Lambert.

Bob was a remarkable digital imaging visionary, who consistently innovated important technological advances designed to serve the creative needs of the filmmaking community. His work at Disney helped pioneer the way for what he saw as the coming transition to digital imaging in both production and distribution. As senior vice-president for worldwide technology strategy and development, Bob was tasked with looking “down the road and around the corner” to help guide innovation in content production and distribution.” His achievements included creating a strategy and methodology for replacing traditional cel-based animation with CGI production. He was a founder and chairman of Digital Cinema Initiatives LLC, the seven-studio consortium launched in March 2002 to ensure a high standard of technical performance, reliability and quality in the shift from celluloid print distribution for theatrical release to digital cinema exhibition. More recently, Bob served as chairman emeritus of the University of Southern California’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), a 17-company consortium dedicated to consumer media trends, where he had served as chairman and CEO of USC's ETC.

Bob was especially sensitive to the collaborative nature of the filmmaking process where the creative contributions of the cinematographer, production designer, VFX supervisor are all essential in realizing a unified vision for a film guided by the director. He believed that advances in digital imaging technologies should be used to reinforce that tradition.

Bob will be greatly missed, but his legacy of achievement will live on.