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Nominees for the 2013 ASC Harris Savides Student Heritage Awards


The American Society of Cinematographers is pleased to announce its 2013 ASC Harris Savides Student Heritage Award Nominees.

Undergraduate nominees include:

  • Mishka Kornai
of Chapman University
    for Straight Down Low
  • Nick Reinhard of Florida State University

    for Cootie Contagion
  • Daniel Rink of Brooks Institute

    for Ai

In the Graduate category, the nominees are:

  • Ryan Broomberg of Chapman University
    for The Bright Side
  • Petr Cikhart of the American Film Institute
    for First in Flight
  • Martin Kobylarz
of the American Film Institute
    for Wolves From Another Kingdom

 In the Documentary category, the nominees are:

  • Dan Duran and Sam Price-Waldman
    of Chapman University for Wolf Mountain
  • Ryan Westra and Drew Heskett
    of Chapman University for We Are The Land

The ASC Student Heritage Awards were established to inspire the next generation of cinematographers and to help them pursue their dreams. It is re-named annually in celebration and memory of an extraordinary ASC member. This year's Heritage Award is dedicated to the memory Harris Savides, ASC. Savides was a five-time Independent Spirit Award nominee and was once described as “a visual poet.” He was best known for his stunning cinematography on such acclaimed films as Gerry, Elephant, Last Days, Milk, Finding Forrester, The Game, American Gangster, Zodiac and Somewhere.

Eligible students must be in undergraduate or graduate school or have graduated within the past year. A dedicated jury of ASC cinematographers carefully views all entries and their voting determines the nominees.

This year, the ASC received a total of 135 entries. The winners will be revealed at the ASC Student Heritage Awards celebration on June 15.