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ASC Master Class March 2428, 2014

ASC Master Class March 2428, 2014

A five-day seminar taught by the best cinematographers in the world. Twenty-two individuals will enjoy close interaction with ASC instructors, who will cover all aspects of cinematography. The class will convene at the ASC Clubhouse from March 2428, and will be led by esteemed ASC members. more...
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  1. Bongo Ties 10 per Package
  2. Arri Crew Gloves
  3. Cameraman's Fiberglass Tape Measure-Keson
  4. Film Slate - Acrylic White
  5. SetWear HotHand Gloves
  6. Clapboard 'Economy' - Full Size - Masonite
  7. Setwear Pro Leather Gloves
  8. Chinese Lantern Socket Assembly
  9. Pro Gaffer's Tape 2"X 60YDS
  10. Eyepiece Chamois - 35mm
  11. LEE Lighting Gel Pack "Master Location"36 Sheets/Pk
  12. Chinese Lantern-White 18"

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