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The Man Who Shot Chinatown

The Man Who Shot Chinatown

This is the story of a young Mexican farmer boy, who against all odds became one of the most influential
characters in the field of cinematography.

It is a 77 minutes portrait of a man whose passion for films encompassed and promoted the immense power
of film as an art form more...
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The Studio Series - Complete Filmschool in a Box

The Studio Series - Complete Filmschool in a Box

Disc 1: Time and Again - Feature Film. Disc 2: Development & Pre-Production. Disc 3: Production 1. Disc 4: Production 2. Disc 5: Post-Production. Disc 6: Marketing. Disc 7: Producerís Notebook: Contains actual shooting script with notes from director Jason J. Tomaric himself and all the paperwork more...
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