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Write to TV

Martie Cook

Learn to craft smart, original scripts and teleplays for a variety of television formats, including comedy, animation, drama, movies of the week, pilots, reality television, TV news magazine, and children's programming. Using the tools the author provides: checklists, sample outlines and treatments for each format, sample script pages, war stories from writers and executives, and a sample query letter to introduce finished script pages to agents, you'll avoid common pitfalls and come across as an industry veteran. Benefit from the experience of pros: 45 luminaries contribute their experience and wisdom, including Jay Leno, Mike Wallace, Norman Lear, Paul Haggis, writers for "Grey's Anaatomy," "Desperate Housewives," and more!

With twenty-five years of industry experience as a television writer and producer, Martie Cook teaches you not only how to hone your craft but also how to break into the industry. Guiding you through the often confusing television hierarchy, Write to TV offers practical advice on important issues such as how to get an agent, how to write a query letter, how to network, even how to "do lunch". By learning how to craft smart scripts for a variety of television formats and how to get your foot in the door and keep it there, this invaluable book will help you get that big idea out of your head, onto the page, and then to the top of the heap.


PART ONE: HOW HOLLYWOOD WORKS; Chapter 1. An Overview of the TV Industry; 2. Getting Your Scripts Read; PART TWO: COMEDY; 3. Situational Comedies; 4. Developing Your Sitcom Story; 5. Sitcom Structure; 6. Outlining Your Sitcom Story; 7. Scripting Your Sitcom; 8. Other Kinds of TV Comedy; PART THREE: PRIMETIME DRAMA; 9. Plot-Driven Dramas; 10. Character-Driven Drama; 11. Outlining Your Primetime Drama; 12. Scripting Your Primetime Drama; PART FOUR: TELEVISION MOVIES; 13. Made For TV Movies; PART FIVE _ CREATING ORIGINAL SERIES; 14. The Television Pilot; 15. Finding an Original Premise; PART SIX - CHARACTERS; 16. Creating Compelling Characters; PART SEVEN: DIALOGUE; 17. Writing Dialogue That Dances On the Page; PART EIGHT: HOW TO PITCH YOUR COMEDY, DRAMA OR MOW; 18. How To Get a Pitch Meeting; PART NINE: TV NEWS MAGAZINE SHOWS; 19. Writing For TV Magazine Shows; 20. A Mock Assignment; 21. The Shoot; 22. On Location; 23. Putting Your Story Together; 24. In The Edit Bay; PART TEN: REALITY TELEVSION; 25. Writing Reality Television; PART ELEVEN: CHILDREN_S TELEVISION; 26. Writing For Munchkins and Rugrats;
PART TWELVE: THE BUSINESS SIDE OF TELEVISION; 27. How To Get An Agent; 28. The WGA; 29. Writing Teams; PART THIRTEEN: HOW TO GET YOUR FOOT IN THE DOOR; 30. How To Get Work as a Television Writer; 31. The Interview; 32. Now That you_ve Got the Job; 33. The Power of Networking; 34. Other Things That Can Help You Succeed

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Write to TV
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 352
ISBN: 978-0-240-80876-5


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