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Charles Clarke's Professional Cinematography

by Charles G. Clarke, ASC

Pioneering cinematographer Charles G. Clarke, ASC wrote this slim volume in 1964 at the urging of his students at UCLA. Mr. Clarke suffered a heart attack while preparing to shoot Marines, Let’s Go in Japan. Upon his retirement, old friend and Fox producer Kenneth Macgowen (In Old Chicago, Lifeboat) who was head of the theater arts department at UCLA, persuaded Mr. Clarke to join the faculty. Revealed here for the first time is the thinking and philosophy of a man who spent his entire life photographing major Hollywood feature films. The lessons he shares are timeless. While some of the technology has changed, the core techniques and craft have not. There is no padding here, just straight dope. Whether you are just beginning or a veteran filmmaker, his refreshing views spark new ideas born of old wisdom.

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Charles Clarke's Professional Cinematography
Publisher: ASC Press
Pages: 206
ISBN: 0-935578-20-X


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