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Producing Flash CS3 Video

by John Skidgel

Learn to design and develop video applications with Flash Professional CS3. In quick primer chapters, you’ll get the best practices for shooting video for Flash distribution and the basics of how to design Flash applications for compelling user experiences. Subsequent chapters demonstrate the integrated use of Flash Professional with Dreamweaver, Device Central, and After Effects in practical tutorials. Annotated ActionScript 3 code gives you the facility to build your video applications.

In 27 progressive tutorials, you’ll acquire practical experience in the cutting edge techniques for:

  • Best practices for production, encoding, and integration
  • Build custom video players for web and mobile use
  • Encoding single files, batch files, and embedding cue points in video.
  • Customizing FLVPlayback components
  • Building Flash Video players from scratch to include cue points, full screen events, and current playback time
  • Applying transparency, masks, and effects to enhance Flash Video.
  • Looping Flash Video continuously or in creative combinations
  • Embedding Flash Video in HTML pages for web deployment
  • Integrating Flash Video with XML, closed caption text, and JavaScript
  • Preparing video for streaming servers and mobile devices including a Flash Lite application with device video

The companion DVD-ROM contains project media for all 27 tutorials.

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Producing Flash CS3 Video
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 256
ISBN: 978-0-240-80910-6


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