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EX1 SxS Workflow Simulation Disc

Are you thinking of buying a Sony EX1 camcorder? Are you wondering how the EX1's HD clips will affect your workflow? Would you like to test drive the actual workflow on your own computer and evaluate four dozen full-resolution native EX1 clips before you buy the camera? Then Vortex Media's SxS Simulation Disc is just what you need. You simply put the disc in your PC or Mac and it behaves just as if you had inserted an SxS card - thus allowing you to test the EX1 workflow with 48 original, untouched, unedited, native EX1 clips representing every possible recording mode the camera offers -- including both NTSC and PAL formats. Each clip averages 18 seconds giving you a total of 15 minutes of demo footage to try out.

Price: $35.00
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EX1 SxS Workflow Simulation Disc


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