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Special Effects

By Michael Slone

With advances in technology today, almost anyone can make a movie. If you have the passion, time, and a little money, you can turn your dreams into a big-screen experience. But you need more than technology alone to create something that people will want to see. This full color, comprehensive guide provides the tools to give your movie a Hollywood look — adding visual sizzle and eye-candy that can make a major difference in your film’s future.

This book includes:

• Step-by-step instructions on creating a wider variety of basic advanced special effects techniques that will enhance your film or video project
• Tips on how to work smart, play safe, and create interesting special effects that will help your film
or video get noticed in film festivals, on YouTube, or on MySpace
• Insider information from professional and Emmy®Award-winning special effects artists who have
worked on such movies and shows as Star Trek: Voyager, Sleepers, Contact, War of the Worlds,
Lost, Alias, and Star Wars
“This book is a great general purpose resource of practical and visual effects for the beginning
– Eric Chauvin, Visual Effects Artist, The Empire Strikes Back, War of the Worlds, Lost,
Alias, The X-files
“This book shows how easy it can be to make Hollywood-style effects. If you’re looking to increase
the production value of your independent films or even your home movies, this is the book for
– Per Holmes, Award-Winning Music Producer and Music Video Director
“This book is a tremendous resource for all filmmakers. It contains so much information, you’ll
constantly be going back for more.”
– Andrew Kramer, Visual Effects Artist, Teacher, and Consultant

Michael Slone has been an independent filmmaker for over 12 years and has worked on small
independent movies, as well as being a part of the major motion picture industry. With experience
as a writer, director, cinematographer, and special effects coordinator, Slone created Studio 7
Productions to help educate and support future filmmakers.

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Special Effects
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Pages: 260
ISBN: 1932907262


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