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The Studio Series - Complete Filmschool in a Box

First Light Video

Disc 1: Time and Again - Feature Film. Disc 2: Development & Pre-Production. Disc 3: Production 1. Disc 4: Production 2. Disc 5: Post-Production. Disc 6: Marketing. Disc 7: Producer’s Notebook: Contains actual shooting script with notes from director Jason J. Tomaric himself and all the paperwork generated during the making of “Time and Again!” Blank templates you can use for your own projects! Contains all the paper structure you need to make a Hollywood caliber movie on a budget of next to nothing. As a SPECIAL BONUS, you will also receive the complete rough footage from one of the scenes from “Time and Again” that you can load into your computer to practice editing! Work off the actual camera logs generated on set and edit away! Plus Filmmaker’s Workbook.

6 Hours

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The Studio Series - Complete Filmschool in a Box


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