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WarmCards: Complete 2.0 - White Balance System

Warmcards Complete 2.0- White Balance Reference System is a sophisticared set of white balance cards that make it easy to get a warmer (or cooler) white balance, and then to kep the modified white balance consistent throughout the shoot-- with precision. WarmCards are the fastest, easies, and most consistent way of manipulating your camera's white balance to improve skin tones and eliminate the neutral electronic look that today's camera provide. Now WarmCards includes two shades of CoolCards. CoolCards provide the opposite effect of warmcards for times when you want to get a totally different look for your video. For example, CoolCards are a great way to add more blue to the sky and/or water.
WarmCards Complete 2.0 is designed for TV and video camera operators -- and digital photographers who also want large cards. This system includes small cards that are easy to carry around in your pocket or on a lanyard -- plus large cards that are better suited for shooting interviews. The new lightweight canvas carrying case makes using WarmCards even more convenient than before. A carabiner is included to make it easy to clip the case to a light stard, run bag, or belt loop. All cards have metal eyelets and a matte finish to eliminate reflections. They are water-waterproof, rigid, washable, and will hold up to rugged use in the field.


  • Eight Shades on double-sided cards
    Warm-1/4, Warm-1/2, Warm-1, Warm-2, Minus Green, Cool-1, Cool-2, White
  • (4) 6"X9" large cards
  • (4) 3"X4" small cards
  • (1) 11"X8" CAnvas carrying case
  • (1) Lanyard

Price: $90.00
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WarmCards: Complete 2.0 - White Balance System


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