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Langford's Advanced Photography, 7th Edition

Efthimia Bilissi and Michael Langford

The 7th edition of Langford's Advanced Photography brings this bestselling advanced guide right up to date, with Michael Langford's renowned level of technical detail now extended to cover all the latest in digital technology.

Whether you are a serious enthusiast, a student or a training professional, this book covers it all; from cameras, lenses, digital imaging sensors and films to insights into photography as an industry and how to manage accounts, charge for jobs and self promote to kick start your career.

Genres are explored, from portraiture and photojournalism to aerial photography, and in-depth coverage of digital manipulation, film processing, color theory, archiving and storage provide everything you need to know to extend your art into professional realms.

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Readership: This book is geared to: photographers wishing to improve their techniques and approach a more professional level; students enrolled in photography courses; technical staff training to work in commercial studios and labs; serious enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the technical background of practical photography.

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Langford's Advanced Photography, 7th Edition
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 432
ISBN: 978-0-240-52038-4


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