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Denz 16mm Director's Viewfinder Kit

This high-end director's veiwfinder allows you to use your actual camera lens to view and set shots. The Denz OIC-16 includes a unique fully integrated groundglass with markings for 7 formats so there is no need to exchange ground glasses. The OIC-16 is a precise instrument which was conceived for the rough environment of a film shoot, the housing is a light alloy, hermetically sealed and fitted with a 54 PL mount.


  • 7 integrated ground glass markings
  • Immediate change from format to format
  • For all lenses with 54 PL-mount
  • Eyepiece adjustable from -5 to +5 diopters
  • Pivot Holder for easy grip
  • Eyepiece adjustable to right or left eye
  • 3 different handles available (for either left or right hander or universal)


  • Viewfinder
  • Metal Transport Case
  • Choice of Handle (Left, Right or Universal)
  • High-Quality Leather Carrying belt

Support plate for heavy lenses and pivoting head also available, see Related Products.

Please Select Grip Handle (included)
Price: $6,355.00
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Denz 16mm Director's Viewfinder Kit


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