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KENKO KCM-3100 Professional Color Temperature Meter

THK Photo Products, Inc. announces the KENKO KCM-3100 color meter. A color temperature meter that reads the temperature of either ambient or flash light.

Knowing the color temperature of a light source is extremely important for consistently faithful color accuracy and reproduction in photography. Reproducing accurate color is critical in many areas of photography such as fashion and commercial product. Useful for both still and cine photography.

The KCM-3100‘s uncluttered control button layout and large easy-to-read LCD make using the meter much easier than other options on the market today.

The KCM-3100 has 3 display modes for diplaying color temperature. Each mode is designed for a certain type of photography or filtering system.

LB_(Light Balancing) LB_index is used to select the necessary amber or blue LB_filter. The Mired difference between the specific photographic color temperature for the selected film type and the light source.

CC (Color-Correction) displays the Kodak“ filter number(s) of the necessary light-balancing filter(s) to make for easy selection of the required light balancing filter. Where as the LB system uses Amber or blue filters, the CC system uses Magenta or Green color compensating filters.

Photographic color temperature in degrees Kelvin. This is a useful setting to determine filtration based on the light source and the spectral sensitivity of the film used.

The ability to take ambient and flash light readings using either a sync cord or non-cord. Using a sync cord, the flash is fired when the reading button is pushed. In the non sync cord mode, pushing the reading button puts the meter in a stand-by mode and when the flash is fired the meter displays those readings.

“Analyzer Mode” for measurement of Flash lighting only. Setting the shutter speed to “F”, the meter will only read light from flash.

9 memory channels for customizing the meter to your equipment and materials- All film and equipment manufacturers claim that their products are calibrated or balanced to “daylight” (5500K) or tungsten (3400K or 3200K), but in the real world these number are often not 100% accurate. Film can vary from batch to batch and light bulbs and flash tubes can have slight shifts in color over time. Once these differences are determined, The KCM-3100’s 9 memory channels allow the photographer to enter custom setting based on the situations or individual film characteristics they are working with. Once the data is entered and stored, the meter will adjust future readings accordingly.

Type: Three-color hand-held digital color meter for color photography; Determines photographic color temperature of light sources and filtration required
Reception Method: Incident-light reading
Receptors: Incident- flat diffuser, Rotating receptor head 90º right/ 180º left
Receptor Elements: 3 Silicon photocells filtered red, green, blue sensitivities
Measuring Modes: AMBI - Ambient light, CORD- Flash w/sync cord,
NON-CORD- Flash without sync cord

Measuring Range: Ambient light- EV 3.0 to 16.3,
Flash- F/2.8 to 180 in two ranges

Shutter Speed Setting -
Range (for Flash): 1/500 sec. to 1 sec. in 1-stop increments
Display: Liquid Crystal (LCD)
Display Ranges: LB index: -500 to 500 mireds,
LB_filter No. 80A ~ 80D to 85D ~81EF
CC index: 200M to 200G

Operation Temp’ Range: 14 to 122° F (-10 to 50&Mac176;)
Power: Two AA Alkaline dry-cell batteries
Dimensions: 2.75 in (70mm) W x 6.7 in (170mm) H x 1.1 in. (28mm) D
Weight: 15 to 120° (-10 to + 50 C) with 85% relative humidity
Dimensions: 2.6 in (66mm) W x 6.9 in (175mm) H x 1.2 in. (31mm) D
Weight: 6.0 oz. (200g) w/o battery

Battery not included.

Please note the KCM-3100 cannot give standard shutter speed/aperture exposure data, it is designed to read color temperature only.

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KENKO KCM-3100 Professional Color Temperature Meter


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