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Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 3

Damian Allen, Mark Spencer, Bryce Button, Tony Huet

In this guide to Apple’s revolutionary motion graphics software, commercial artists Damian Allen, Bryce Button, and Mark Spencer teach you to create cutting-edge animations, show opens, promos, logos, and effects while you learn Motion 3. As with the other titles in the Apple Pro Training Series, each chapter represents a complete lesson with a commercial-quality project to work through as you learn. The authors begin with generators and quickly move on to Motion’s behavior-based animations, particles, filters, effects, replicator, tracking, and matchmoving. The best-selling book is fully revised to take advantage of the software’s new features: you’ll create sophisticated 3D environments, design painterly elements using customizable brushes and strokes, automatically create motion paths from moving images without tedious frame-by-frame keyframing, remove camera shake, and animate text with 3D effects. Includes companion DVD with project and media files.

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Apple Pro Training Series: Motion 3
ISBN: 0321509102


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