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Cinematographer Style: Special Collector's Edition

A film about film, Cinematographer Style pays homage to the artists who transform ideas into images. It sets out to answer the essential questions: What is a cinematographer? What makes style? Is it inspiration, innovation, experience?

With 110 masterfully edited interviews of celebrated cinematographers from around the world, Cinematographer Style creates a collective narrative about the process and progress of filmmaking. This distinguished group of artists—including Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC (Apocalypse Now), Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC (No Country for Old Men), and Gordon Willis ASC (The Godfather)—discuss their various backgrounds, their dreams and struggles, and, most importantly, the passion they have for their craft. Venturing further into the psyche of each cinematographer, this documentary traces how style and technique evolve, culminating in the new technological possibilities—and pitfalls—of the future. In the end, these diverse artists are united by one thing: a love of the moving image.

A visually striking and beautifully lit film, Cinematographer Style celebrates the passion, dedication, and art of the men and women who make movies look the way they do.

“In a word FANTASTIC! All who are interested in the genesis of creativity in all forms will find those passions resonate by the film.”

Daryn Okada, ASC
President, American Society of Cinematographers

DVD Special Collector’s Edition Bonus Features include:

  • Over an hour of uncut Interviews with legendary, award-winning cinematographers
    • Vittorio Storaro, ASC, AIC
    • Gordon Willis, ASC
  • Filmmaker Biography

Program: 86 minutes
Bonus Materials: over 60 minutes
NTSC only (original version available in PAL)

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Cinematographer Style: Special Collector's Edition


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