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Manfrotto Tripod System w/701HDV Head, 547B Tripod & MBAG100,01

Incredibly lightweight, this is one of the most compact tripods in the Manfrotto video range.

This is the first Manfrotto tripod with a 60mm bowl, which makes this tripod the ideal match for the recently launched 701HDV professional video head.

The upper twin-leg and the one stage construction gives the tripod great rigidity, allowing for 33 lbs/15kg of payload, while the newly redesigned locking collars guarantee exceptional performance.

Techno polymers incorporated into the upper casting and on the leg collars bring the design in line with the professional video tripod family. The result is a tripod with maximum torsion rigidity and incredible stability.

In addition, a mid level fixed spreader and retractable spiked rubber feet are included.

The 547B is available on its own and in kits with the professional 701HDV and 501HDV fluid video heads. This tripod is targeted to young videographers who need an immediate, simple and user friendly solution for their video production needs.

701HDV,547BK Manfrotto Video Kit Includes:
701HDV Professional Fluid Video Mini Head
547B Professional Video Tripod
MBAG100P Tripod Bag

load capacity: 8.82 lbs
maximum height: 59.65 in
minimum height: 35.04 in
weight: 6.90 lbs

Price: $333.00
Your Price: $310.00
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Manfrotto Tripod System w/701HDV Head, 547B Tripod & MBAG100,01


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