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POLAVIEW™ - The Polarizer Checker

POLAVIEW™- The Polarizer Checker duplicates the polarizing effects of your camera's polarizing filters. Avoid cleaning finger prints & smudges from the camera's polarizing filters by previewing the shot through the POLAVIEW™.

As a simple, accurate & essential tool, the POLAVIEW™ can be used by cinematographers, director’s of photography, and camera assistants. And weighing in at only 1.1 oz. this precision machined tool can be worn around the neck for ease of use.

* 1.5" Diameter Clear Cell Cast Acrylic Circular Polarizing Filter.

* Clear Anodized Coating on a precisioned machined filter holder.

* 1.1oz. total in weight (including filter).

Price: $95.00
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POLAVIEW™ - The Polarizer Checker


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