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Cinematography for Directors

by Jacqueline B. Frost

This book is a master guide for the director about collaborating with their closest ally, the cinematographer.

It covers the fundamentals of selecting a cinematographer, translating the script into visual imagery, choosing the appropriate visual style for the film, determining the color palette, electing film and HD formats and postproduction processes, including the digital intermediate.

If you want to improve the visual power of your film and your enjoyment in creating it, you’ll want to read this book.

Contents include
• Never-before-published excerpts from interviews with Academy Award™ winning and Academy Award™ nominated ASC cinematographers.
• Clarification of how to translate aesthetic concepts into the technical applications necessary to get the director’s vision onto the screen.

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Cinematography for Directors
Publisher: Michael Wiese Books
Pages: 292
ISBN: 1932907551


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