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One Man Band-77 L

The One Man Band -77 is the ultimate mobile production solution for the solo videographer that does it all. The main internal compartment is designed to be customized using the provided dividers and detachable pouches. It will fit numerous set up configurations to hold, protect and organize all the necessary equipment in just one cohesive bag.

Various configurations will allow you to take camcorders such as JVC HD250, Canon XLH1, Sony EX3 and similar. The camera will fit with mattbox, external mic, mini light and large external battery attached while your headphones, up to 17� laptop, accessories, batteries, and small monitor fit in the various divisions and compartments within the bag. A large video tripod can be attached to the outside of the bag.

Full internal customization lets you create the perfect bag for your unique gear. Carry along your tripod by strapping to the top of the bag. Numerous external pockets let you organize and quickly access your smaller accessories. Carrying options include interlocking handle, provided shoulder strap and a bottom sleeve will let you slide in the provided Kata Insertrolley for an easy carting option.

Price: $535.00
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One Man Band-77 L


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