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Documentary Filmmaking: Tips From The Trenches

Ideal for Students of Film & Video to expose students earlier in their communications courses to documentary filmmaking.

This program is a chance to hear from emerging and seasoned filmmakers as they discuss technical, legal, ethical and business issues of documentary film. Thirty filmmakers discuss the art and craft of documentary filmmaking covering everything from finding a story, starting the process, shooting, editing and considering legal and ethical issues to tackling financial and distribution challenges.

Hear directly from Academy Award winners and nominees, first time filmmakers and 50-year veterans as they offer tips from the trenches of filmmaking in brief, modular interview sequences perfect for the classroom.

This program was created in an interactive platform, allowing professors to use it for classes on many different levels beyond communications, to study the social significance of film or how film is an agent for social change. Additionally it can be used as an educational tool for seasoned and aspiring filmmakers as a way to foster idea sharing among professionals.

Features interviews with more than 20 filmmakers, including Richard Berge, Nick Dobb, D.A. Pennebaker and Michael Skolnik.

Subjects Covered Include:

Introduction to Documentary Film
(What is a Documentary, Why Documentary Matters, Why they make films, A Student of Film),
The Story
(Finding Good Stories, Finding Good People, Story into Film, First Person Perspective),
Shooting & Editing
(Sound & Picture, Editing, Screening your Rough Cut),
Legal Issues
(Releases & Clearances, Fair Use, Music),
(General Ethics, Specific Ethics),
Financial & Distribution
(Getting Your Film Made, Getting Your Film Out There).

Copyright: 2009.

Price: $119.00
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Documentary Filmmaking: Tips From The Trenches


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