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Yes Watches: Luna Collection

Some suggest the 28 day lunar cycle
represents a certain vibe. More than one will
admit to having gone crazy on a full moon.
The sun and the moon are on individual cycles,
even though they do sync up for a new
beginning every 7 years, just like that famous
itch. Some years there are 12 new moons in
the solar year, sometimes 13. Pinning down
the heavens above was a rich puzzle and as
a result, beginnings and ends of calendars
vary from continent to continent, culture to
culture, faith to faith. At the core they all pay
homage to the sun and the moon. Time is
more than money.

Unwittingly, the 30 day average calendar
month, force fitted into the solar year, threw
mankind and progress completely off this beam
of sacred lunar time. During the Industrial
revolution this disconnect helped catalyst
humanity to the precarious position we are

in today. As we finally have come to know to seek sustainability in our relationship with the blue planet, we must seek a realignment with time itself as well. Call it Green Time if you will.

Our LUNA watch collection is a hymn to the moon, a gift for those who long. Like with all the YES watches you can at a glance see times for moonrise, moonset, moon phase and if the moon is waxing or waning, plus of course times for sunrise and sunset. At the push of a button % lunar illumination and times for the next new and full moon will show. The spatial 24 hour display of day and night gives a natural and intuitive view of time. The digital read-out gives time to the second for over 500 cities across the planet and is the perfect wrist companion for world travelers.

Carefully sculpted out of a solid chunk of hypo-allergenic titanium with a tapered bracelet with a butterfly locking clasp and an anti-glare sapphire crystal, it may just be the most timely gift for her wrist.

The case has a duo polished and satin finish that signifies day and night, and this is carried though to the bracelet creating a nuanced symbolism.

All of the LUNA watches comes included with leather and rubber band, instruction manual and jewelers tools for the brave, and has been set to your time before shipped.

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Yes Watches: Luna Collection


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