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Chrosziel hdSLR Follow Focus - Kit 1

Chrosziel hdSLR Follow Focus - Kit 1

The Chrosziel hdSLR Follow Focus was designed specifically for hdSLR cameras small and lightweight.

Precise Focus
The Chrosziel hdSLR Follow Focus facilitates precise repeatable focus pulls. With virtually no backlash, the Chrosziel follow focus is designed to match your every move with precision.

Flexible Gear Ring
The Chrosziel Flexible Focus Gear Ring is the perfect fit for still photo and video lenses. The flexible focus gear ring has a pitch of 0.8 and an adjustable diameter between 60-120mm for an angle rotation of approximately 280-320.

Gear Pitch
The unit comes standard with a 0.8 pitch gear drive.

Single-Sided Operation
The Chrosziel Follow Focus is accessible to the operator on one side of the camera.

Focus Scale
Easy markings on the Focus Scale offers control of focus points.

hdSLR Follow Focus [206-01S]
Focus Gear Drive [206-12]
Flexible Focus Gear Ring [206-30]
Lightweight Support [401-421]

4.3 oz [122 g]

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Chrosziel hdSLR Follow Focus - Kit 1


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