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Chrosziel hdSLR Sunshade - 77mm

Chrosziel CMB-R20 hdSLR Sunshade - 77mm

For over 30-Years, Chrosziel has been the industry leader for its extensive line of innovative and well crafted accessories for film and video cameras. In today's new marketplace of digital acquisition, Chrosziel has expanded its product line to encompass hdSLR Cinematography.

hdSLR Cinematography
The new Chrosziel CMB-R20 system brings professional shading and filtering solutions to hdSLR cameras. The affordably priced CMB-R20 sunshade is loaded with the benefits operators have come to expect from Chrosziel. The CMB-R20 is a true 16:9 housing sporting a sleek design that fits well with hdSLR cameras.

Wide Coverage
The basic unit features a 16:9/4:3 wide angle housing for compatibility with prime lenses as wide as 19mm (35mm Academy) without vignetting.

Filter Stages
The CMB-R20 sunshade comes with a filterstage for two 4x4 independently rotating filter holders. The smart design provides ample room for the easy manipulation of filters such as vertical grads to any desired position.

Mounting Options
The CMB-R20s 110mm clamp adapter and 77mm step-down ring allow the sunshade to clamp onto a variety of hdSLR lenses. For a secure mount, Chrosziel offers an optional center bracket and 15mm lightweight support system with adjustable rods.

Manipulation of Light
The standard articulating French Flag protects against flair and loss of contrast.

Faster Lens Changes
Chrosziel makes faster lens changes possible with the use use of the optional Chrosziel swing-away bracket. The swing-away bracket mounts easily onto 15mm lightweight support rods and attaches to the back of the sunshade housing. Once installed, it can be used to smoothly and quickly move the sunshade away from the camera lens. This is an invaluable feature on shoots requiring multiple lens changes. The swing-away bracket requires the addition of 15mm lightweight support rod system.

Kit Includes:
CMB-R20 hdSLR Sunshade - 16:9/4:3
French Flag [450-12]
Filterstage for Two Rotating Filter Holders
Two 4x4 Filter Holders [402-12]
110mm Rear Plate
110:77mm Step-down Ring [411-77]

Covers 16:9 & 4:3 format
Filterstage for two rotating filter holders
Two 4x4 filter holders
110mm Clamp-on mechanism
French Flag for added light control
Fits similar sized cameras with use of proper step-down ring

Max Focal Length:
19mm (35mm Academy)
8.4mm (2/3")
4.2mm (1/3")
Format:16:9, 4:3
Insert Masks:N/A
Filter Sizes:4x4
Rotating Filterstages:Two
Rear Plate: 110mm
Rod Support:Optional
Clamp Support:Yes
French Flag:Included
Side Wings:N/A

Price: $947.00
Your Price: $879.00
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Chrosziel hdSLR Sunshade - 77mm


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