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From Word to Image:Storyboarding and the Filmmaking Process

by Marcie Begleiter

Never before have the means of cinematic storytelling been put into the hands of so many. Thousands of new storytellers are taking advantage of media that did not exist a decade ago. With entry-level HD recorders, even beginning students have access to low-cost, professional-quality image making. However, there’s no digital replacement for the skills needed to visualize a film and plan its execution. From Word to Image will help you master the steps of translating a written story into a sequence of moving images. This is a guidebook to creating your visual script.

New contents include:
• The Use of Color in Visual Storytelling
• New Interviews about the Use of Previsualization Techniques for Animation, New Media, and Visual Effects
• Revised and Expanded Appendices

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From Word to Image:Storyboarding and the Filmmaking Process
Publisher: Michael Wiese Books
ISBN: 978193290767


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