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The Complete Catalog of Movie Cameras


Thirty months after the book “Movie Cameras” was published, it is now time for the supplement. 480 pages, in the handy format of 21 x 16 cm (8.3 x 6.3 in), hardcover – very suitable to take to fairs and flea markets. It contains 400 newly discovered models, more than 1,500 color photos and about 1,000 new records, many with up-to-date collector‘s values. And with an additional 45 previously unpublished stories about manufacturers, this work is a completely new book in its own right.

“The Complete Catalog of Movie Cameras” contains everything about Aaton, Ansco, Coronet, DeVry, Dralowid, Ensign, Keystone, Petri, Victor, Wittnauer and the Russian camera manufacturers. It includes new information, substantially broadened chapters about Arco, Arri, Bolex, Bolsey, Canon, Eumig, Fairchild, Fuji and Polaroid. Every big manufacturer is featured with a chapter about its history. All information, changes and suggestions for corrections that our readers sent to us have been incorporated into this book.

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The Complete Catalog of Movie Cameras
Publisher: Atoll Medien
Pages: 480
ISBN: 3-9807235-3-4


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