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Storaro Combo-SIGNED

By Vittorio Storaro, ASC

Storaro: Writing With Light-Colours-Elements

This new book combines elements of Vittorio Storaro's recently published trilogy and features all new, double-exposure images from the exhibition "Storaro: Writing with Light," which the cinematographer has been taking around the world for many years. Also included is a DVD of Omage, an hour-long documentary in which Storaro explains his philosophy about cinematography and how he draws inspiration from poets, writers, painters and other artists.

Storaro-Covili: The sign of a destiny

The great figurative (and psychological) values that unite the two artists. About the meeting with painting and Gino Covili, sign of their common feeling of light, colour, and image.

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Storaro Combo-SIGNED
Publisher: Mondadori Electa


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