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Acting for Success: The Working Actors Guide

Geared for the actor or actress who is already “working” in the business and has representation. It covers all types of acting opportunities including commercials, soap operas, industrial films, music videos, television and film and includes the different approaches and audition techniques unique to each type of audition. There is also a separate segment on improvisation and how important it is for actors to learn to improvise and “think outside the box”. Teaches: Audition Callbacks, Wardrobe, Casting Directors, Types of Acting Work, Commercials, Soap Operas, Industrial Films, Music Videos, Improvisation, Modeling & Stunts. Bonus Material: Includes tips from professionals Jeff Olan (Casting Director - “Medium”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, ”Pulp Fiction”), Eddie Conna (Actor/Stuntman - “Fast & Furious”, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Catherine Asimov (Fashion Photographer).

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Acting for Success: The Working Actors Guide


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