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The MicroMount

The MICROmount Basic Kit by Matthews Studio Equipment is a light/monitor mount utilizing two of the MICROgrip heads and three lengths of 3/8” rod to create a highly flexible mount. This will allow the photographer/operator to get the on-camera light enabling the light to be positioned to either side and creating the more desirable ‘dimensional’ lighting effect rather than the ‘flat’ lighting effect. While the basic
MICROmounts light/monitor mount is supplied with three 4” rods, the photographer/operator can add longer rods to create dramatic and creative lighting effects with the on-camera lighting fixture. The MICROmounts light/monitor mount will also serve as an on-camera monitor mount. Its flexibility will allow for the monitor placement to be almost anywhere! Add just a few more MICROgrip components and the MICROmount can support an on-camera light and monitor or even two monitors from the same support system. Note: If your camera is not equipped with a 1/4”-20 female thread to receive the MICROmount use a Shoe Adapter. To adapt the MICROmount to the shoe adapter remove one of the 1/4“-20 Pan Head Screws from one of the two rods and attach to the shoe adapter. It will be necessary to heat the rod to release the Lock-Tite material in order to remove the screw. A 3/8” to 1/4”-20 adapter is also available if needed!

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The MicroMount


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