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The DC Slider

A Unique, Precision Counterbalanced, Multi-Functional Camera Platform.

SLIDER - The DC-Slider can be mounted on a single tripod or placed on level or uneven surfaces and the constant counter balance feature will always maintain a uniform pressure that ensures uniform camera movements throughout the full tracking length of 63 (160cm).

ANGLES - The DC-Slider allows a wide range of variable angle operations. No matter how acute the angle, the counterbalance system will assure steady and stable camera movements. A simple, positive locking adjustment feature allows for camera placement at the exact vertical or off axis for creative imaging. Minimum and maximum heights of the DC-Slider in the multi- angled positions are dependent on the height of the tripod.

TOWER- With the simple removal and repositioning of two handles the DC-Slider becomes a tower allowing for an exact vertical camera move through the full range of the 63 (160cm) track. Minimum and maximum heights of the camera moves when mounted on the tower are dependent on tripod configuration. The counterbalance system maintains a steady resistance to camera moves reducing the possibilities of irregular movements during the start or finish of a camera move.

MINI-JIB- In the Mini Jib mode, the DC-Slider operates a working diameter of 63 (160cm) on the horizontal. The counter balance system is locked to ensure unvarying movements through the full range of the jib arms capabilities. An easy adjustment of the parallelogram bar will allow the camera to stay locked on to a subject throughout the range of the jib arms vertical travel rather then staying in a fixed attitude. The maximum and minimum operating heights of the Mini Jib function are dependent on the height of the tripod.

HANDLE - A removable crank handle controls the camera system across the full span of the DC-Slider in all configurations and positions.

WEIGHTS - Camera and flat plate head is precisely balanced with a variety of available weights to guarantee exact counter balancing.

CASES - The DC-Slider system comes complete with customized system cases.

CAMERA - The DC-Slider will accommodate a wide range of camera styles up to maximum weight of 22Lbs. (10Kg).

WHEELS- specifically formulated composite wheels ensure smooth, silent operation of both the camera and counterbalance system.

The DC-Slider system includes The Arm, Fulcrum Point Mechanism, Weights, Parallelogram arm, 2 Feet with levelers, Vertical mount plate, Crank handle and Cases.

SLIDER- 2 photos - horizontal on tripod and on surface with feet.

Price: $7,500.00
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The DC Slider


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