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Neutral Density Filters

Schneider Optics offers a full range of densities which provide exposure reductions of one to six stops, respectively. Maintaining a low F-stop for depth of field these filters are used for control of bright day exteriors.

Only Schneider Absorptive ND filters are laboratory-precise neutral gray. Each filter is made of two pieces of crystal-clear optical glass, which allows for the transmission of the truest possible attenuated light. To prevent edge-chipping and delamination, they feature Schneiderís proprietary Edge Seal.

Application: Control exposure of depth of field under various lighting conditions without affection color or contrast.
- Permit use of high-speed film in bright lighting conditions.
- Diminish distracting backgrounds by allowing the use of wider apertures to reduce depth of field as required to throw the background out of focus while maintaining subject focus.
- Helps control the amount of light reaching the film/sensor without relying solely on the lens aperture.
- Enable even exposure in an unbalanced lighting situation.

Available Strengths: ND.3 (1 stop), ND .6, ND .9, ND 1.2, ND 1.8 (6 stops)
All filters come in a soft filter pouch.

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Price: $200.00
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Neutral Density Filters


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