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Neutral Density Graduated

The ND Grad combines a solid neutral density filter (.3, .6, .9, 1.2) with a soft edge gradient to clear. (Hard edge gradients are also available.)

Application: Help balance exposure and/or compensate for the limited dynamic range of digital cameras. Add the ND Grad to control overexposure of the sky or exposure of a scene from side to side. For example, a scene looking down a city street with buildings on one side in direct sunlight and shaded buildings on the other. The same technique can be applied indoors when a window or doorway blows out.

Available in both Vertical (for MatteBoxes) and Horizontal gradient (for Filter Holders and some Sunshades).
All filters come in a soft filter pouch.

Filter Size:
Price: $370.00
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Neutral Density Graduated


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