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It’s like having the American Cinematographer Manual on your iPhone! Brought to you by Chemical Wedding and the ASC, this iOS application takes the charts and graphs of the Film Manual and brings them to life with interactive calculators and logging functions.

The app focuses on Camera and Lens options, allowing you to configure it for your camera configuration(s) — so you can easily calculate the photographic options available to you — and even log and email your choices for inclusion in camera reports and for future reference. It will even alert you if you try to do something that is not possible with the camera system you've selected.

Toland is designed to track your photographic choices as you make them. As you change the camera speed, you will instantly get feedback on how this affects running time and exposure; when you change lenses, you will see Depth of Field and Field of View updates in real time, and all this can be logged.

It is named in honor of legendary ASC cinematographer Gregg Toland, whose revolutionary cinematography in Citizen Kane has inspired filmmakers the world over. Toland's mastery of aesthetics and technique made him one of the great innovators of the art form.


  • Comprehensive database of cameras and lenses
  • Exposure calculator covering camera speed, shutter angle & filter factor
  • Running time and footage calculator
  • “Flicker Free” warning indicator
  • Depth of Field calculator with clever focus marks
  • Angle of View indicator with pretty picture
  • Full camera data logging which can be exported for reporting
  • Pocket voodoo.


  • Any iphone or iPod Touch
  • Works best on 3Gs and above
  • It will also work on iPad but then it won’t fit in your pocket.

You can purchase the Toland App through Apple's App Store. Click below to go to Apple.

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Toland ASC iPhone App


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