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Easy Slate Professional Slating System

The Easy Slate Professional Slating System has made Slating even easier! Now a “Simple” Solution to an age old problem.

How many times have you been frustrated in post-production trying to find the proper spelling or title of someone you interviewed because you didn’t document it on site? Using the Interview slate will allow you or an editor to easily see and verify the information in post-production saving you valuable time and money.
Successful professionals know that slating is an essential production element for scene identification, production notes, or matching shots to a script in post-production. Making it a habit to slate and log your shots while shooting will save you hours in the edit suite.

The EasySLATE system is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient way to incorporate slating into your production workflow.

EasySLATE comes complete with three slates designed to meet all of your shooting needs and includes a handy back focus chart.

EasySLATE consists of two 6” X 9” dry erase slate style templates that can be easily written on with dry erase markers.

The surface of EasySLATE is made with state of the art polymers that can be wiped clean with the eraser end of the dry erase markers included, or with a soft cloth. Regular maintenance cleaning is quick and easy with alcohol swabs also included in the starter kit.

The EasySLATE system comes packaged in a custom 10.5” X 7.5” compact, black, texturized nylon bag with loop handle complete with individual slate dividers and pockets for markers, swabs, and cleaning cloth.

1. EasySLATE makes it easy and convenient to slate wherever you shoot.

2. EasySLATE comes complete with a custom heavy duty compact carrying case for easy storage.

3. EasySLATE is durable, lightweight, and can be written on with dry erase markers.

Side 1: Interview Slate
This Slate was designed for slating interviews, and has fields for documenting the most commonly needed information for post-production or future reference.

Don’t waste your time in post-production looking for proper spellings and titles of interviewees. Slate it on-site and confidently move on knowing that it can be recalled in post production as easily as the interview you are shooting.

Side 2: Notes
Production situations vary, and so can the information needed for slating. That’s why we have included a large notes section for recording information specific to your shooting situation.

This section is a useful area for documenting shooting conditions, type of camera used, FPS, picture profiles, changes made to default styles, “best take” indications, messages to the editor, and shooter contact information. It’s up to you how this is used.

Production / Independent Slates:
Modeled after traditional slates, this slate has fields useful for shooting scripted scenes. Great for Independent films, or “run & gun” style documentary shooting when budget counts and in the field ease of use is a must.

Don’t sacrifice your workflow, just because you are in a hurry. A few extra minutes in the field slating can save you hours in the edit.

Back Focus Chart:
Ensuring critical back focus is crucial for today’s high definition cameras. This easy to use Back Focus Chart is a valuable tool that will help you set your camera’s back focus.

“Once you get "re-used" to slating your footage, you'll find that your workflow improves and the use of profanity is greatly reduced in the office. Another perk is that you'll never again misspell a client or interviewees name. Having it written down on site will prevent that embarrassment... I give the system a solid 4 cows because I like the way it works, I like the way it looks, and I think that it makes me more attentive to the small details that I used to let slip past. It's a simple idea with a clever implementation.” -Jim Harvey, Creative Cow

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Easy Slate Professional Slating System


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