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FilmCraft: Cinematography

By Tim Grierson

Key Features

Discussions with the world’s most notable filmmakers, giving insights into professional practice, working relationships, and influences
Sidebars featuring practical advice on topics that filmmakers can apply to their own work
''Legacy Sections'' focusing on the work of past filmmaking greats



Chapter 1: Vittorio Storaro;

Chapter 2: Janusz Kaminski;

Chapter 3: Robert Richardson, Legacy, Sven Nykvist;

Chapter 4: Ellen Kuras;

Chapter 5: Chris Menges;

Chapter 6: Christopher Doyle, Legacy, Freddie Young;

Chapter 7: Wally Pfister;

Chapter 8: Vilmos Zsigmond;

Chapter 9: Rodrigo Prieto, Legacy, Raoul Coutard;

Chapter 10: Edward Lachman;

Chapter 11: Caleb Deschanel;

Chapter 12: Barry Ackroyd, Legacy, Gregg Toland;

Chapter 13: Dion Beebe;

Chapter 14: Emmanuel Lubezki;

Chapter 15: Anthony Dod Mantle, Legacy, Conrad Hall;

Chapter 16: Roger Deakins;

Chapter 17: Javier Aguirresarobe;

Chapter 18: Philippe Rousselot, Legacy, James Wong Howe;
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FilmCraft: Cinematography
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-0-240-81862-7


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