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FilmCraft: Editing

By Justin Chang

The value of the editorís craft to a finished film cannot be underestimated, and itís no surprise that directors rely heavily on the same editor again and again. It is said an editor can create acting performances in the editing suite-and looking at a film like The Hurt Locker, you can see that the editor has whittled down many hours of coverage into the nail-biting bomb disposal scenes. This book employs stills and screenshots to show how an editor created a scene with the filmmaker and explores the complex relationship between a director who has just shot a movie and the editor who must complete the directorís vision. Includes perspectives from Bob Murawski, Oscar-winning editor for The Hurt Locker who also cut the Spiderman trilogy for Sam Raimi; Dylan Tichenor who has worked on Boogie Nights, Brokeback Mountain, There Will Be Blood and many others; and Pietro Scalia, the great editor whose partners include Bertolucci, Van San, and Ridley Scott.

Each book in the FilmCraft Series focuses on a specific aspect of the filmmaking process, presenting a visually strunning look at the subject through the eyes of notable professionals in each field. Each book offers deep insight into the working practices of the worldís most distinguished professionals, covering their inspiration, collaboration, and work on set. Each professional has been interviewed exclusively, and goes into detail on specific scenes in their films to give concrete examples of their craft. The result is to provide readers with a fascinating inside look at the filmmaking art, and a wealth of knowledge that they can apply to their own work.


Chapter 1: Walter Murch;

Chapter 2: Anne Voase Coates;

Chapter 3: Richard Marks;

Chapter 4: Peter Zinner;

Chapter 5: Stephen Mirrione;

Chapter 6: Dylan Tichenor;

Chapter 7: Tim Squyres;

Chapter 8: Valdis Oskarsdottir;

Chapter 9: Dede Allen;

Chapter 10: Virginia Katz;

Chapter 11: Michael Kahn;

Chapter 12: Joel Cox;

Chapter 13: Ralph E. Winters;

Chapter 14: Willian Chang Suk-ping;

Chapter 15: Liao Ching-sung;

Chapter 16: Herve de Luze;

Chapter 17: Barbara McLean;

Chapter 18: Angus Wall & Kirk Baxter;

Chapter 19: Lee Smith;

Chapter 20: Christopher Rouse;

Chapter 21: Sally Menke;
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FilmCraft: Editing
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-0-240-81864-1


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