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Cut by Cut: Editing your Film or Video (2nd Edition)

by Gael Chandler

Although great films begin with great scripts, crews, and actors, itís good editing that takes a film the rest of the way.

COMPLETELY REVISED AND UPDATED FOR THE DIGITAL ERA, this second edition of one of film editingís best-selling books teaches readers how to organize and edit footage and see their project to completion. Itís both a comprehensive guidebook and a friendly, dependable companion for anyone taking the editorís path or wishing to better understand it.

Learn how the skilled editor turns raw footage into polished art for film, television or web. With practical project guidelines and advice on organizing digital and film cutting rooms, How to Edit Your Film or Video de-mystifies action, montage, dialogue editing, SFX and explains sound/music editing and mixing.

With over 25 information-packed tables and forms, this guide includes an up-to-date glossary, an editorís resource guide and a section on how to land that elusive editing job.

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Cut by Cut: Editing your Film or Video (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Michael Wiese
ISBN: 9781615930906


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