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Formatt-Hitech are a boutique filter manufacturer based in the UK. Formatt-Hitech filters are designed using advanced spectrography to modify light, and they’re manufactured to the highest standards using the most advanced computer controlled manufacturing equipment in the industry.
Introducing the new ProStop IRND from Formatt-Hitech. ProStop, the world’s best selling high density ND filter, has been optimized for digital sensors and reformulated with a nearly flat attenuation of both visible spectrum light and infrared light. This means it’s the world’s most neutral ND filter, especially at higher densities where other brands suffer from colorcast.

When measured on a spectrograph, ProStop IRND’s performance is literally off the charts. The attenuation of light between the visible, near-infrared, and infrared spectrums is even. This means that dark areas of your image are rendered with crisp clean blacks, giving you the absolute maximum performance from your high-native ISO digital sensors. The greater reduction in colorcast also means that cinematographers can use calibrated sets of filters, and switch between filter densities without disrupting the color balance, and consequently the overall look, of the project.
The ProStop IRND is also a terrific choice for filmmakers who want create a cinematic look and reduce IR contamination at the same time.

- Up to 10 stops of attenuation in resin, 8 stops in glass.
- Extremely even visible and infrared attenuation to eliminate infrared contamination on your digital sensor.
- The best choice for cinematographers needing a matching set of ND with IR protection.
- It’s “camera agnostic” - it works equally well on any camera.
- Perfect for creating shallow depth of field or lengthening exposure times.
- Formulated to eliminate colorcast in the darkest densities.
- Manufactured to scientific tolerances from the highest grade of optical resin or Schott Superwite glass.

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Formatt-Hitech Filters


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