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Density Adjustable Viewing Filter

9 stop neutral density range, from 0.3 to 2.7; can be used for minimally lit scenes or extremely bright scenes (ie sunny day) or anything in between
Compresses the contrast range of the human eye to a level similar to color film; this allows better interpretation of the ratios of the bright and dark areas of a scene
Provides both a useful overview of the lighting conditions of the scene, and also provides an indication of which areas of will be overexposed and underexposed
Front polarizer portion can be attached to Cavision Micro Director's Finder or other 37mm filter thread
Allows additional 37mm filter to be added via the front filter thread
Can also be used to observe very bright light sources such as the sun during a solar eclipse
Includes P-EVA-7 hard pouch

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Density Adjustable Viewing Filter


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