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ASC Video Manual - 3rd Edition Paper Back

Michael Grotticelli

2ND Printing

The ASC Video Manual, third edition, follows in the tradition of the earlier, highly successful video manuals published by the ASC. This new edition incorporates and updates the best segments from the previous manuals and adds new information about emerging digital technologies.

Field Guide:
Learn how to create video productions, work with digital audio sampling, why time code is important in digital productions, how to select the right digital camera, and much more. Everything for the novice right up to the pro.

Topics Include:

  • The Video Camera
  • Digital Video Formats
  • Camera Filters
  • Digital Test & Measurement
  • Lighting
  • Batteries
  • Digital Audio for Video
Manual includes instructive photographs, charts, diagrams, schematics and a comprehensive glossary.

Michael Grotticelli has been covering the professional video industry for more than 12 years. His credits include: Technology/New Media Editor at Broadcasting & Cable, Editor of Television Broadcast, News/Technology Editor of TV Technology and Managing Editor of Videography.

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ASC Video Manual - 3rd Edition Paper Back
Publisher: ASC Press
Pages: 458
ISBN: 0-935578-14-5


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