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Practical Cinematography, 2nd Edition

by Paul Wheeler

Practical Cinematography discusses the principles of cinematography and the expertise, which is unique to the director of photography. It deals with all the basic theory such as color temperature and sensitometry, and all the practical things a DoP needs to know, from the make-up of the crew to how to prepare an equipment list.

The book is divided into six sections: the unit, the technology, the cinematographer’s craft, operating, the DoP’s preparation, and future proofing. Its contents are arranged so that it may be dipped into for quick reference–perhaps to answer a specific question or deal with practical problems relating to a shoot–or read from cover to cover. Filmmaking is an art, but, like so many art forms, there are the basic underlying tools and techniques and a body of theoretical knowledge that mush be understood and mastered before artistic expression can flourish. To become a successful DoP the theory must become second nature and the day-to day tasks familiar routine.

This book is intended to be of assistance to all aspiring DoPs, whether you are just starting a career, or already have considerable experience in the other grades. Contents: the camera crew, the motion picture camera, lenses, film stock, basic sensitometry, the laboratory, exposure meters, lighting ratios, three point image control, using the 18 percent gray card, color temperature, camera filters, depth of field, testing, composition and the rule of thirds, lenses and perspective, aspect ratios, research, preparing for a shot, future proofing film for television using Super16mm.

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Practical Cinematography, 2nd Edition
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 224
ISBN: 0-240-51962-0


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