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Hollywood's Conversion of All Production to Color

by John Waner

This historical and somewhat autobiographical book starts in 1947 with a brief discussion of Kodak’s on-going research programs for the production of color motion pictures in 3-color photography. Continuing with the progress made within the program for specially designed color print film(to be used by Technicolor) and the introduction of color negative into this program. Without giving away trade secrets, this book examines the design and development of a film that could duplicate that color negative (all of which became known as Eastman Color Motion Picture Films). Stories follow, about Eastman Color Motion Picture Films introduction to the film trade and its subsequent installation at each of Hollywood’s 35mm motion picture laboratories. The contents include: the way we were–KRL 1947; programs progress; the way "we" were; the way "they" were: 35-mm laboratories, (ca.1951); installing Eastman color films in laboratories; Eastman color motion picture films–1950-1997; the non-theatrical market; great tries but "no cigar"; more than just film; some tales out of school and briefly from then to now.

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Hollywood's Conversion of All Production to Color
Publisher: Tobey Publishing
Pages: 297
ISBN: n/a


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