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Digital Cinematography

by Paul Wheeler

High-end digital cinematography can truly challenge the film camera in many of the technical, artistic and emotional aspects of what ewe think of as cinematography. This book is a guide for the practicing and aspiring cinematographers and DOP’s to digital cinematography essentials. From how to use the cameras to the rapidly emerging world of high-definition cinematography and 24P technology. This book is a guide for practicing and aspiring cinematographers to digital cinematography essentials–from how to use the cameras to the rapidly emerging world of high definition cinematography and 24P technology. It covers necessary on-the-set knowledge with an emphasis on its practical application. This book covers the on the set knowledge you need to know–its emphasis lies in practical application rather than descriptions of technologies, so you will find usable tools and information to help you get the job done. From getting the look to lighting styles and ratios, what is needed for different types of shoots and the technical preparation required, this is a complete reference to the knowledge and skills required to shoot high end digital films. The book also features a guide to the Sony DVW in camera menus, showing how to set them up and how they work– a device to save you time and frustration on the set.

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Digital Cinematography
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 188
ISBN: 0-240-51614-1


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