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The Camera Assistant: A Complete Professional Handbook

by Douglas C. Hart

This handbook is a collection of the wide variety of theories, procedures and tactics used by the practicing motion picture camera assistant while working on location or on the professional film set. Since this book concentrates on the important facets of the camera assistants’ job on the set and the theories behind those practices, details about cameras and their use is not included. The focus of the handbook will be primarily on theatrical feature films, but in general, the contents will apply to television commercials, episodic television, music videos, documentaries, student films, and other types of film projects as well. To get an accurate view of the comprehensive nature of this publication, as it pertains to the camera assistant, the contents include: introduction to camera assisting, responsibilities of the camera assistant, film formats and aspect ratios, the camera equipment checkout, shooting tests during checkout, loading and unloading, lenses, filters, focus, setup and maintenance, shooting procedures, slates and slating, paperwork, video assistant systems, tools and supplies, education of a camera assistant, and finding work afterwards. In addition to a list of illustrations, appendices of: expendable supplies shopping list, camera equipment checkout checklist, useful formulas and charts, film magazine takeup and screen time/camera running time.</P>

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The Camera Assistant: A Complete Professional Handbook
Publisher: Focal Press
Pages: 420
ISBN: 0-240-80042-7


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